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GC  KK's Hot Stuff


WOW!!!!!  He won Best in Show at South Central Iowa RBA  show B at  just 19 weeks old. He has   13 GC legs - 6 BOB , 1  BOS ,1 BOV,1 BOSV ,and 4-1st place. He is out of  GC LJ's Chubs and Kelly's Mist. He is very special, he is a home grown Kristins Kritters rabbit and my first BIS!!    

GC LJ's Chubs








Chubs is a special little guy. He has 8 GC legs 4 -BOB  ,1- BOS ,2- BOV and 1st out of 15. He is the father of my BIS- Hot Stuff. Keep it up Chubs. He is out of  Ginley's Chimmi and LJ Spusptr   The old man still has it. He got 3rd at the thanksgiving show. RIP

Conoe ridge's Craig Morgan

Craig with his "wife" frosty and my first ever litter of chins!

GC Schwandt's Viper



 Viper won 5th place SSB at nationals in Kentucky it was my first nationals and I can't wait until its in Minnesota in 2010. Every ARBA convention I have been to, one of vipers descendents has been in the top ten! In 2010 his grandson KK's show topper got 8th BJB. In 2011 his grandson KK's Rambo got 9th SJB. In 2012 his granddaughter KK's Lexus got 5th BSD.  Viper has 9 GC legs 3 -BOB ,  1 -BOS, 2-BOV.1- BOSV  and 2-1st places.  Viper is out of Schwandt's Silver Bullet and Schwandt;s Cupcake RIP.

GC  KK's Jim







Jim was a grand champion at just 6 1/2 months . He beat his daddy to grand champion. He was my first home grown bunny to become a Grand Champion. Jim is one of my favorite herd bucks!  He has 18 GC legs  7- BOB, 1- BOS, 3- BOV ,  2- BOSV and 5- first places. He is out of GC Schwandt's Viper and Kelly's Bambi. RIP

GC Kelly's Nic







 Nic has 11 GC legs  6 BOB,1BOS ,2BOV,2 BOSV .   He is my first grand champion and the one my Grandpa gave me the money to buy. Thanks to Maple for such a nice first buck. He will always have a special place in my heart. Nic is out of Lov's Promise and Camelot's Holly. RIP

KK's Justin


Justin is out of GC Schwandt's Viper and Schwandt's Justinee. He has 4 GC legs -1BOB,1 BOS,1-BOSV,1 First in class

GC KK's Trace Adkins


 Trace has 9 legs- 4 BOS and 4- BOV and 1-1st in class. He is out of GC Schwandt's Viper and Kelly's Izzi. He is a very friendly little guy. He wanted to kiss my camera while I was taking pictures of him. He is a small buck but is always in the top five.  His grand father is GC LJ's Popeye 

GC KK's Sailor Man  

       Sailor has 3 leg ,3 -BOS. He  is out of GC Schwant's Viper and Kelly's Izzi. He  is a lilttle sweet heart. . I hope he takes after his grand father GC LJ's Popeye(he granded in just three shows) 

KK's Toot Toot








Toot Toot has 2 GC leg, he got one at his first show and BOSV  in Amana. He is out of  GC Schwandt's Viper and Kelly's Izzi. RIP


GC KK's Remington

Remington is out of GC KK's Jim and Kadrick's K. He has 8 legs- 1BOB,1 Bov ,

3-BOV, 2 -1st in class               

GC KK's Turbo

Turbo is out of GC KK's Hotstuff and Kelly's Izzy. He has 7 GC legs, 1- BOV, 2-BOSV, and 4-1st in class  Red Merrit Registered.

GC KK's Mack

Mack is out of GC KK's Hot Stuff and Linnea's Issabella. He has 10 GC legs ,4-BOB,

1 BOS, 2- Bov ,3- 1st in class.

10th place broken senior buck at 2012 ARBA convention

GC Chase's Hummer

Hummer is out of Styles Ajax and Chases CD197.He has 4 GC legs. 1 BOB I just love this guy

  He was 6th place at nationals in Open ( shown by Chase & Denise Crafton)

Zenk's King Tut

King tut is out of Zenk's Sparky Jr and Zenk's Cal1. He has 2 legs - 2 1st in class

7th place broken senior buck at 2012 ARBA convention

Karrot Kreek's Dane


Dane is out of Karrot Kreek's Benedict and Karrot Kreek's Blaire.1 GC leg ,1-1st in class.  He got 13th at nationals

Frog Hollows Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is out of Laini's O'Boy and Country Fl-Hare's Tapioca

Cookie Dough got 8th place in the NATION!! :)

KK's Tex

Tex is out of GC KK's Trace Adkins and KK's tink

KK's Show  Topper

Topper is out of GC Schwandts Viper and Schwandt's Justinee.

Topper was 8th BJB at the 2010 ARBA convention

KK's Ammo

Ammo is out of KK's Remington and Kadrick's K

Ammo seems to be as good as a herd buck as his father and grandfather! He is producing some beautiful babies. :)