GC  Fleetwoods Strike a Pose








Pose has  33 GC leg, 8 -BOB, 7 -BOS ,3 -BOV, 9- BOSV.and 6-1st place.  Look at the head on this doe. I bought her at nationals pregnant. She gave me a beautiful litter of 5. She is an excellent show doe . She is out of Lil'Bit Farms Zorro and Fleetwood's Angelina.

KK's Lexus


Lexus is out of Chase's Hummer and KK's Daphnee

This little beauty has 32 legs and received 5th place BSD at the 2012 ARBA convention.

Lexus is the 2013 #5 HLRSC youth top lop!

KK's Dixie


Dixie is out of KK's Ammo and KK's Dorey

She got 1st place 3-3-13 that was her very first show! Her idol Lexus just barely beat her for BOV!  

KK's Dorey


 Dorey won BEST FOUR CLASS at Dubuque, IA on 7/27/13. Dorey has 3 legs.

KK's Trixi


Don't tel the others but, Trixi is my favorite little girl! She knows it too! Every day she comes to the front of the cage for her kisses and so do her little babies:).

Patchwork's Bonfire


Bonfire is out of Patchwork's D6 and KK's Roxy. She has 4 legs.

KK's Caliber


Caliber is out of KK's Ammo and KK's Kit

Breezy Pines Friday



Friday is out of Breezy Pines Lariat and Breezy Pines Queen

KK's Holly


Holly is out of KK's Hot Stuff and Campo's Pearl Bailey

KK's Kit


Kit is out of Campo's Crosby and KK's Daphnee

KK's Little Missy


Missy is out of KK's Mack and Patchwork's Annie

KK's Shelby


Shelby is out of Chase's Hummer and KK's Daphnee

Chase's CD657 "Sweet Pea"


Sweet Pea is out of Chase's CD438 Asher and Chase's CD545. She has 7 legs.

KK's Taylor Swift


Taylor is out of KK's Taylor and KK's Tie dye. She has 5 legs.

Foxhollow's Bling "Frosty Paws"


Frosty with her first litter(and Daddy Craig)! She had a chin doe, a blue chin buck, and a broken smoke pearl buck.

 Frosty is out of Schwandt's Rudy and Foxhollow's Silverbelle.

KK's Golly Miss Molly


Molly is out of KK's Mack and Patchwork's Annie. Molly has 2 legs.